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August 26, 2016
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Given the fact that FPS acts as a “watchdog” on Armed Forces pension issues, we are sometimes asked if MOD treats us as “enemy forces”, and indeed vice versa.

The answer is no; we maintain constructive and friendly relations with the MOD and Veterans UK and talk to each other regularly. This is well illustrated by the January newsletter (1 of 2016) which ran an article about a number of inaccurate MOD Pensions forecasts we had been sent for checking by our members. We distribute the newsletter to veterans UK who then sought a meeting with us to identify the main issues, so that they could take remedial action. This meeting has now taken place and Veterans UK has made significant changes to its procedures in order to improve its forecasting, an example of the two organisations working hand in glove to improve the service to Armed Forces personnel. It remains sensible to get a pension forecast from the MOD (it is after all an entitlement and free to all serving personnel once a year) but it is also sensible for members to get it checked independently by us, – why wouldn’t you, given the sums involved and the importance of making life-changing decisions based on best information..

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