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MOD Suspends Pension Forecasts

October 18, 2018
Forecast Blog

Serving Armed Forces personnel are entitled, as a matter of right to receive an annual pension forecast – which they must apply for on AFPS Form 12.

Those who are retired can do the same concerning a preserved pension forecast on AFPS Form 14.

This is a fundamental part of the service that is promised and is vital to everyone thinking about their pension future. But MOD has recently suspended this service. We first discovered this from several of our members, but it has subsequently been confirmed to us by Veterans UK, and it will last until February 2019. The suspension is directly caused by shifting staff away from this vital function to deal with another crisis – the pressing need to process Annual Allowance letters.

Veterans UK work very hard but this shows how grievously they are under-resourced. It s no way to run a railroad.

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