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Pensions Awareness Day – Some Popular AFPS Myths Destroyed

September 14, 2018
Rumours blog

For the final day of Pension awareness week we thought we would deal with some rumours that we frequently hear and which we are happy to dispel


“My AFPS75 pension will of course be based upon my rank as at 31st March 2015 after which I transferred to AFPS15.”

Wrong! – Rank for the purpose of AFPS75 is determined by the highest rank achieved and held (Substantive for Officers) for at least two years in aggregate by the time you leave service.


 “I  cannot get an immediate income until I have served for 22 years”

Wrong! – Under AFPS05 an immediate income (Early Departure Payment – EDP) is available once you have completed 18 years reckonable service providing that you are also aged 40 or more and below the age of 55. This is known as your 18/40 point. If you work to age 55 or beyond, you will be entitled to an immediate pension upon leaving providing that you have served for at least 2 years.


“There is no point in my paying additional contributions as I won’t see any benefit until state pension age”

Wrong! – Early Departure Payments (EDP) are calculated by reference to your deferred AFPS15 pension. Therefore paying additional contributions, which will indeed boost your AFPS15 pension benefits, will also automatically result in an uplift in your EDP entitlement (lump sum and income) providing that you serve beyond your 20/40 point (ie 20 years service and aged at least 40).


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