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Reinstating the War Widows’ Pension?

January 17, 2018
Alone Blog

There was an important exchange in the House of Commons on Monday when the Veterans Minister was asked if there was any prospect of “reinstating the war widows’ pension for widows who were required to surrender that pension due to remarriage or cohabitation”.

He replied that the Secretary of State himself was aware of the issue, and “we are now considering a way forward.”

This is interesting – it is a big loose end following the changes announced in 2014 – what about those widows who had to give up their pensions on remarriage before the rules were changed? It’s good to know Ministers are once again thinking of this. We are interested in any movement here, and we are close to these developments. but we have always seen it as an issue effecting all service widows not just war widows– watch this space.


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