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The Daily Express Backs Widows Pensions Campaign

November 7, 2018
War Widows

All will be aware that although our Justice for Widows campaign was successful in preventing the surrender of widows’ pensions on remarriage or cohabitation from April 2015, it was not retrospective, meaning that those whose pensions had already been surrendered did not get them back unless the second relationship had ended.

The Daily Express today demands justice for those 300 women robbed of their War Widows’ Pensions simply because they fell in love again. In 2015, the Government changed the law to allow war widows to keep the tax-free “killed on active service” pension for the rest of their lives, even if they remarried following their loss.

We do of course support this campaign and speaking to the Daily Express, our Chief Executive John Pitt-Brooke said…

“The change announced in 2015 was useful but created a further injustice. How can it be right that if you were remarried on 1 April you could retain your pension but if you remarried on 31 March you had to give your pension up? Either the Government supports Forces  widows or it doesn’t, and  failure to respond to this campaign means that we have taken away a compensation that was given in recognition of loss. That does not change on remarriage, before or after 2015”

You can read the full news story from the Daily Express here and you can also read an interview we did with Mary Moreland, Chair of the War Widows Association for Pennant Magazine HERE







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