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The Defence budget

December 7, 2017
MoD v Treasury

We read every day about tense discussions between the Defence Secretary and the Chancellor about money, and how little of it there is to go round.

Strangely, this debate is usually presented in terms of decisions on equipment, when what really matters is how much we spend, and how we spend it, on people. Pay? Allowances?  Accommodation? Pensions? There was no mention about any of this in the budget. Does that mean all is well and the status quo will continue? Or does it mean there are discussions going on which have not been exposed to the light?

We shall see: as far as pensions are concerned the Society is watching and waiting – there is no shortage of negative changes that might be made if the Treasury get their way, and no shortage of positive changes that might be made if the will is there. Watch this space!


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