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Three recent cases via Veteran’s Gateway

October 18, 2017
Vets GAteway Woman Blog

The following three cases outline the importance of work we do through referrals from Veterans Gateway…

Mr W, who served 9 years and left the Armed Forces as a Sergeant, wasn’t at all sure whether he was due any pension.  He contacted the Forces Pension Society, via the Veterans Gateway.  We explained the criteria (which he appeared to meet) and sent him the appropriate forms.  He learned today that he is due about £3,600 a year in pension and a tax free lump sum of about £10,800 in just two years time.  And all it took was the time to ask the question. Mr W commented ‘I found it impossible to find any real help on the internet until I found the Veterans’ Gateway.’

Mr X has an AFPS pension and, quite naturally, is thinking ahead.  He had no idea about what the scheme would do to provide for his wife so he contacted the Forces Pension Society, via the Veterans Gateway website.  We explained the provisions and suggested a form of words to send to Veterans UK.  He now knows that his good lady will receive a pension of about £6K for the rest of her life.  I sincerely hope he will be with us for many more years but they will be years knowing that, should the worst happen, his wife will have a pension for the rest of her life.

Mr J served nearly 6 years in the Armed Forces and was unsure about his pension position.  He contacted the Forces Pension Society via the Veterans Gateway website and has just received the news that he will receive an annual pension of £1,600 and a tax free lump sum of £4,800 on his 60th birthday (at today’s prices which, incidentally, will increase by 3% in April!).  It is worth asking the question!

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