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Veterans’ Gateway Case – Child’s Pension Awarded

March 9, 2018
Child Divorce Loss Blog

Sheila and Robert met and married while he was in the Armed Forces, and two years later they had a son, David.

Robert left the Armed Forces with an immediate pension about 6 years ago and a year later the couple divorced. Robert and David were close, and David was devastated when his Dad died.

The death was nearly two years ago and Sheila contacted the Veterans’ Gateway  to ask whether her son (now 12) should be getting a pension.  She was referred to the Forces Pension Society and we took her through the rules, establishing that there should, indeed, be an entitlement.  We helped her with the formalities and contacts, and it transpired that, when the death was notified to Veterans UK by Robert’s executor, no mention was made of an eligible child.

It has taken some months to sort out and we are happy to report that David has been awarded a child’s pension and that Veterans UK paid the back-pension he would have had if the claim had been put in at the time of his Dad’s death. Further, we understand that David has a disability.  If that disability is such that it will prevent him from undertaking gainful employment, his pension will continue for the rest of his life!

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