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April 15, 2019
Vet VG New

Pensions advice is one of the most common subjects that people seek help for through Veterans’ Gateway and it’s really great to hear such positive feedback from those Veterans we are able to help.

Mr C* left the Armed Forces in the late 70s and forgot he had a pension.  He saw the Veterans Gateway material about AFPS benefits and asked if he might be one of those who had not claimed his preserved pension.  We helped him with his application and are pleased to report that he is now in receipt of a pension of about £2.5K a tax free lump sum of about £7.5K … and 2 years back pension.  Not a fortune but it will make a difference to Mr C!

Mr C says

“Thanks to you and Veterans’ Gateway, my bank account is today over £10,000 healthier! Thank you so much! With this money, we will be able to pay some longstanding debts and might even have enough left over for our first holiday in 8 years! The monthly pension will also come in handy and you’ve inspired me to start looking at benefits that I’m entitled to but have never claimed. The RAF Benevolent Fund is assisting with that. You really have been a lifesaver! “


*Name withheld
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