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July 6, 2018

With our help three more Veterans receive their ‘forgotten’ pensions

Both Mr P and Mr E were over 60 when they asked the Veterans’ Gateway whether they had any pension entitlement as a result of Service in the late 70s and early 80s.  Both were referred to us who explained their possible entitlement and how to claim.  We are happy to report that each have been awarded a pension of about £3K and a tax free lump sum of about £9K PLUS substantial back-pension payments. Well done chaps!


L served for 6 years in the 1970s, leaving when preserved pensions were very new.  She was over 60 when she approached the Veterans’ Gateway to ask whether she had any pension entitlement as a result of this service.  The Forces Pension Society explained the preserved pension criteria in forces at the time of her discharge and supplied a form for her to claim straight away.  She was awarded a pension of about £1500 p/a and a lump sum of £4500 PLUS back pension for the years since her 60th birthday.  Well done L!

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