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Veterans’ Gateway Casework

July 20, 2018

Mr W* was 61 before he approached us via our fact sheets on the Veterans’ Gateway website to ask whether he had an AFPS 75 preserved pension entitlement in respect of his service in the 70s.

We talked him through his possible entitlement and helped him with the claim from.  This week he received news that he had been awarded a pension of about £2,500 and a lump sum of about £7,500 PLUS a year’s back-pension AND the lump sum and the back-pension had already reached his bank account.

The newly introduced preserved pension entitlements were not well understood by those who left in the 70s and 80s, and pensions are going unclaimed.  If you know someone who left about that time and has not claimed, suggest they take a look at our fact sheets on the Veterans’ Gateway website.


*Name witheld

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