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July 27, 2018
Vet VG New

Our work with Veterans’ Gateway gets busier and busier. Here is another good news story!

Mr P was really doubtful whether his service in the 80s and early 90s had earned him a pension., so he contacted the Veterans’ Gateway who of course redirected him to us.

We explained the criteria and provided the form to get a forecast.  Last week he learned that in a few years time he has a pension of over £2,600 and a lump sum over £7,800 (at today’s prices) coming his way.  As he says, it will more than keep him in wine where he lives.  Well done Mr P!

More to follow on this story, but Mr P is one of nearly 180 possible pension entitlements we have helped Veterans rediscover since the launch of the Veterans’ Gateway last year.  If you are unsure about your preserved pension entitlement, take a look at the Forces Pension Society fact sheets on the Veterans Gateway website.

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