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August 10, 2018
Pension File

Today we report on another 2 cases we recently helped through the Veterans’ Gateway and highlight that checking your eligibility is always the right thing to do

John was over 60 when he approached the Veterans’ Gateway to ask whether his service between 1966 and 1976 had earned him a pension – remember preserved pensions were not introduced until 1975 and people left not really understanding that they had a valuable asset waiting for them at age 60.  He was referred to us and we explained the criteria, provided a claim form and gave advice on how to complete it.  We have just learned that John has been awarded a pension of nearly £3K and lump sum of nearly £9K PLUS a bit of back pension. 

Mr D was also over 60 when he decided to ask the Veterans’ Gateway whether his Armed Forces Service earned him any pension.  He left in 1975 – the year that preserved pensions were introduced and hardly anybody understood them.  The Veterans Gateway sent him our way and we helped with understanding his eligibility and applying for the pension.  We learned over the weekend that he has been award a pension of about £3K and a lump sum of about £9K AND 14 years back-pension!

This is fantastic news for both veterans, so if you are not a Member but unsure about whether you have a preserved pension or not (or you know someone who might have an unclaimed pension) visit the Veterans Gateway website and take a look at the Forces Pension Society factsheets.  You might get a nice surprise!

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