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July 12, 2018

We have three more successful pension claims to report this week..

Mr W* left the Royal Marines in the mid-eighties and, as a young man, didn’t think much about the pension he had been earning.  He is now in his 50s and pension issues come into more focus, so he contacted the Forces Pension Society direct via the Veterans Gateway website.  We explained the preserved pension criteria in force at the time of his discharge and supplied a form to get a forecast.  We have just heard that he has a pension of over £1,600 and a tax free lump sum of nearly £5,000 waiting for him in 3 years time.  Well done Mr W – it is better in your pocket than in the Chancellor’s coffers.

Mr T* left the Army in 1975 – the very year that preserved pensions were introduced to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme. Understandably, preserved pensions were little understood and, like many others, Mr T left without any real idea of his future entitlements.  He approached the Veterans’ Gateway late last year and was referred to us to assist. We explained the criteria and supplied the necessary forms and we have just learned that Mr T has been awarded an annual pension of £3,500 and a lump sum of £10,500 PLUS 10 years back-pension…. just because he took the time to ask the question!

Mr X* served for 12 years, leaving in the 90s.  He didn’t think much about his pension at the time but he took the trouble to ask the Veterans’ Gateway whether he had any entitlement.  His case was referred to us and we explained the criteria in force at the time of his discharge and provided a form for him to obtain a forecast of the pension value at today’s prices.  We have just learned that he has a £5K pension waiting to be paid in a couple of years together with a £15K pension lump sum.  Well done Mr X!

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