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War Pension and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) Awards

January 2, 2018
Service Leavers Guide MoD

The Service Leavers Guide, issued to all personnel on leaving the Armed Forces contains information about how to claim a war pension or compensation under the AFCS which replaced it.

In the case of war pensions it states “claims can be made at any time after leaving the service “and in the case of AFCS it states “You have seven years in which to make a claim” (late onset diseases excepted).  Both of these statements are true; however, awards are paid from the date of the claim, not the date of the injury so any delay in making a claim can make a significant difference to the amount you receive, if you are awarded a regular income. The Leaver’s Guide is thus misleading, because it does not tell you this. We have pointed this out and as a result been invited to join the Review Board for the Leavers Guide. We have accepted, so hopefully will be able to rectify this and any other pension related anomalies in the Guide.

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