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Your pension is not paid automatically

July 13, 2018

Most of you will leave with preserved or deferred AFPS benefits. That means that you have to wait until you are old enough to draw them … but do remember that you have to claim them. They will not be paid out automatically.

You need to claim about 3 months before the age at which the benefits are due. The ages at which preserved/deferred pension are payable are:

  • For AFPS 75, the preserved pension is payable in 2 parts. The first at age 60 (for the benefits earned up to 5 April 2006) and age 65 (for benefits earned after that date). You will not have to claim again at age 65. You are also entitled to claim that part payable at age 65 when you are age 60 – but at a reduced rate (this is called actuarial reduction).
  • For AFPS 05, the preserved pension is payable at age 65 but you can claim at any point from age 55 with actuarial reduction.
  • For AFPS 15, the deferred pension is payable at your State Pension Age but, again, you can claim at any point from age 55 with actuarial reduction.

Although some of the MOD’s older literature says that, if you have Early Departure Payment (EDP) Scheme benefits in payment, you do not have to claim your AFPS 05 or AFPS 15 pension, that does not usually seem to be the case; we regularly come across cases where the EDP income has stopped and the pension has failed to start. Don’t take a chance – claim it!

Claiming is easy. Simply submit an AFPS Form 8 (available on line) to the address on the form.

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