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Back issues

Here’s an at-a-glance view of just some of the diverse subjects that have been covered in past issues of the Pennant for the past 10 years.

It’s by no means a complete list but it gives you a sense of the variety – no wonder people await each new issue so eagerly!


Nov 2018

Issue features

  • The Society: Chief Executive’s Editorial; a farewell from John Pitt-Brooke and a welcome to Major General Neil Marshall; What you think of us; Our AGM; New Partnersip with Forces MoneyPlan
  • Pennant Interviews;  Johnny Mercer MP;
  • Main Articles:  Taking Pride – Pensions & Same Sex Relationships; Lockerbie: 21 – 24 December 1988; ZANE Charity; Serving to Lead by Sir Freddie Viggers; Hong Kong; RAF Marham; X-Forces
  • Pension/Financial Articles; Current Campaigning issues including; Charlotte’s Law; Sami McConnell; Taxation in Cyprus; Annual Allowance; Forecasts; Means Testing; Widows
  • Regulars; Leisure Section; the FPS Quiz; Member Notices & Small Ads; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Offers; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews


May 2018May 2018 pennant

Issue features

  • The Society: General Secretary’s Editorial; We Say Goodbye to David Marsh; New Arrivals in Vauxhall; Our AGM;
  • Pennant Interviews; The F35B Test Pilot; Lord Howe; Johnathan Aitken; Our 50,000th Member: the Chairman of the HCDC;
  • Main Articles:  The Story of Alice Lisle; The Foundling Museum; The Art of War; Surprising Servicemen; Who was at Trafalgar; UK Forces, what’s Going On; With the Sappers in Sudan; the Northern Territory; Hanging Baskets; Watercress.
  • Pension/Financial Articles; Clarity on Annual Allowance; Rules on Service Widows and Remarriage;
  • Regulars; Leisure Section; the FPS Quiz; Member Notices & Small Ads; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Offers; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews

Nov 2017

Issue features

  • The Society: The Society’s Who’s Who and Objectives; General Secretary’s Editorial - Changes at the top. A new Chairman for the Society, 
  • Pennant Interviews; Master and Commander. Captain Jerry Kyd gives us the low down on HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK’s new aircraft carrier. A lifetime of Defence reporting. Robert Fox talks about his career
  • Main Articles: The incredible Story of James Barry; The tumult and the shouting dies; Eleanor Coade, An entrepreneur against all odds; Borderline Blues – Gibraltar; The great storm of 1987;   A serviceman’s feelings towards Blind Veterans UK; Surprising Servicemen; Skanderbeg; RBLI’s LifeWorks programme; Birdwatching in the Services; Garden Solutions; Wine and beer in the afterlife; Following the 20917 Lions tour of NZ; Keats, Jars and Pyramids, Discovering ancient Rome.
  • Pension/Financial Articles; Big changes ahead? the General Secretary gazes into the pensions’ crystal ball; Meet the latest member of the pensions team. Denis Mulholland; Representative Rates of Pay; Campaign updates: Death Lump Sum Benefits - an update on the Charlotte Hughes case and LE Supplement; Better than a poke in the eye. A preserved pension claim success; A most complicated case. A most testing pensions conundrum.
  • Regulars; Leisure Section; the FPS Quiz; Member Notices & Small Ads; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Offers; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews

May 2017

Issue features

  • The Society: The Society’s Who’s Who and Objectives; General Secretary’s EditorialFront cover of May 2017 Pennant
  • Pennant Interviews; Still telling Laura: an interview with Ricky Valance; the tragic case of Charlotte Hughes and death nomination forms; an interview with Sir Jon Day who reflects on 2016
  • Main Articles: The New National Army Museum; Think Before you sign (petitions); the Zimmerman Telegram; the Klondike Gold Rush 1897; Figureheads restored; Words of War;  More than just Pensions (Member Offers); the Story of two Princesses; Debris of War; The Tiger of Mysore; Salisbury Cathedral; Gigha Halibut; Pruning evergreens; Born Free Foundation
  • Pension/Financial Articles; All in a Week’s work; Statistics (RPI v CPI);
  • Regulars; Leisure Section; the FPS Quiz; Member Notices & Small Ads; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Offers; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews


Nov 2016

Issue featurespennant-november-2016

  • The Society: The Society’s Who’s Who and Objectives; Editorial; The Society’s 70th Anniversary celebration at the House of Lords; The new staff at Vauxhall
  • Pennant Interviews; Sir Hew Strachan, an international authority on defence, talks exclusively to Pennant
  • Main Articles: How Prince Louis Napoleon of France met his death in the British Army; A whole new meaning to leg stump; Act of Faith; The Battle of Jutland from an eyewitness’s perspective; The Chinese Cemetery at Noyelles sur Mer in France; Dressed to Kill; Zeppelin; Bangladesh; Annigoni; Fancy training Kazhak troops; Establishing the Palestinian version of Sandhurst; Census – The Royal British Legion’s latest campaign to tackle the visibility of ex-servicemen; Somme 100; The Armed Forces Art Society; Stichelton Cheese;  The Politics of Trekking in the Nagorno-Karabakh; Walking to Jerusalem
  • Pension/Financial Articles; The General Secretary talks of pensions battles old and new; Party of the Year
  • Regulars; the FPS Quiz; Members’ Letters; Leisure Section; Member Notices; Members’ Small Ads; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Offers; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews

May 2016 70th Anniversary Edition

Issue featurespennant-may16

  • The Society: The Society’s Who’s Who and Objectives; Editorial; Annual General Meeting calling notice; The Big Interview: Pennant Interviews the Secretary of State the Rt. Hon. Michael Fallon MP
  • The 1946 Section: 1946 and all that; The 1946 Victory Parade; Animal Farm; Returning to a youth one had feared lost: Michael Richardson writes on the return of cricket after “war stopped”; The Corfu Channel Incident; Britain prepares to build the Bomb; The history of the bikini; Give us this day our nine ounces of bread; 1946 Quiz
  • Pennant Interview; Pennant interviews the Chief of the Defence Staff
  • The FPS History Section; 70 years young – The Pennant scrapbook; A Society for all: Our evolution from OPS to FPS; The General Secretary Writes: Reflections from four previous General Secretaries; How it looks from our side – The Pensions Team reflect on the changes in Pension enquiries
  • Other Articles; Annual Allowance; Buying additional pension with AFPS15; Veterans Hearing Fund
  • Regulars; Members’ Letters; Lifestyle Section; FPS Notice Board; Members’ Announcements; FPS Christmas Cards; Member Services; FPS Merchandise; Book Reviews

Nov 2015

Issue featurespennant-nov15

  • The Society: The View from Here; The Society’s Who’s Who and Objects; Editorial; Members Letters
  • Financial: Early Departure Payment Schemes Old & New; Part-time Reservces – Pensionable at Last; The Importance of Financial Planning; Unclaimed Preserved Pensions
  • Articles: A glass Half Full; JimDavidson OBE; the Banqueting House; How did the Pollsters Get it so Wrong?; The British Army on the Western Front 1915; “Cry for God Harry”; the English Longbow; A People Unbowed – the Gurkha Welfare Trusts’s Response to the Nepal Earthquake; Ebola – Minor Disasters & Extraordinary Courage; Mesathelioma The Implications of Service Personnel; Poor Literacy; To Campaign or not to Campaign; Back to the Future – the Engin eer and Logistics Staff Corps; We Must Never Forget we are Here to Help Members; A Pensions Hero;
  • The Ukranian Freedon Fund; Best Readers’ Articles; Magna Carta; Contemporary Ambition at the Operational Level; The square Stocking – Christmas Boxes from uk4u Thanks!
  • Miscellaneous: The Quiz; AGM photo collage

May 2015

Issue featurespennant-cover-may15

  • The Society: The View from Here; The Society’s Who’s Who and Objects; Editorial; New Staff and Council
  • Financial: Pension Reforms and the AFPS; Medical Cash Plans; FPS 2014 Accounts Pie Charts; The Lifetime Allowance; Public Service Pensioners Council (PSPC); Public Service Pension Schemes and the Armed Forces
  • Articles: Louise Pragnell, portrait artist at her studio; Reflections of 24 hours at Waterloo; Thomas Kielinger’s has some advice for Great Britain; A Woman at Waterloo – The story of Magdalene de Lancey; The new MoD Pension Board; The Stewardship of England; There Can be no Place in the Immigration Debate for Xenophobia; The Regular Fleet Auxiliary; The fourth Force;  Location, Location…Ordnance Survey tell us about themselves; Sevastopol – Russia’s Pompey; The ‘why’ Mr Putin was so keen to annex the Crimea, Foreign and Defence Policy – time to reverse a lack of ambition; Howard Wheelson is uncompromising; Network Rail’s Orange Army; An inside view, The Coroner’s Role and Responsibilities; The Earth’s Climate; Who’s going to win the Election? Worshipful Company of What? The life of a London Company clerk, The Brilliant Club; Mentoring the young and talented; Big Data. The uses of our card transaction data; Africa, Elephants and the Welsh Guards; The British Council. Find out what they do for us; New Vauxhall…London’s biggest redevelopment; The Future of Nuclear Power in the UK; Ukraine – an election monitor’s view; Fred Karno’s Army. The First world War 1915; Bee Keeping for Beginners; Bell Ringing- do you want to be a campanologist; Family Friendly Battlefield Touring; End of Life Care
  • Miscellaneous: Therondy – A soulful poem of the Boer War; The FPS May Quiz.

November 2014

Issue featurepennant-cover-nov14

  • The Society: The View from Here, Editorial New member of Council, Change in Council Chairman, The FPS Away Day Report
  • Financial: The Single Tier State Pension – April 2016
  • Articles: The Hanoverian Legacy, That Bridge – Sarajevo 1914, The Roman Veteran in Britain, Justice for Widows, Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift to the Forces 1914, Putin’s War, In Flanders Fields, Mapping for War and Peace – From military intelligence to business intelligence, Redeployment from Camp Bastion, Unusual Ships of the First World War, Ypres 1914, Five months with the OSCE in Ukraine, The Defence Centre for Languages and Culture Opens at the Defence Academy- A New Home at last!, The Princess Mary Quiz, The DCMS First World War Commemoration, St Bride Foundation – Preserving the past, inspiring the future, Eyes along the coast – The National Coastwatch Institution, King Edward VII Hospital, Romania – Railways play catch-up, ‘Do it Yourself’ weather forecasting, Fog in Channel, Into politics and wrestling with the EU, Waterloo 200 ‘Don’t try to be normal’: Navy veteran defies odds to find success.
  • Miscellaneous: Members Announcements; Member Services; Lifestyle Advertising; FPS Shop and Christmas Cards; Book Reviews

May 2014

Issue featurespennant-cover-nov14

  • The Society: Editorial, AGM Calling Notice, Justice for Widows Campaign – update, Society Snapshot
  • Financial: Understanding the new online pension calculator readout, The April 2014 budget, Medically discharged?, Forestry Investment – Benefits & Risks
  • Articles: The Pennant Interview with the leader of UKIP, Oh! What a Black Adder War, Populus, The Eternal Villain, Women helicopter pilots are safer than men, Shoulder to Shoulder, A Russian way with victory, State schools and service families, British Forces Germany – still open for business, I Appeal to you – school choices, The Military Knights of Windsor, Exploring the delights of Vauxhall, Where’s my mug? An amusing tale., The Brooke, S’lone Ranger, The new employment model, Lt Edward Isaacs RNVR, From the horse’s mouth – the Mounted Police City of London, The evolution of military law, The slow boat to China, The Imperial War Museum London
  • Miscellaneous: Members Announcements, Member Services, Lifestyle Advertising, FPS Shop and Christmas Cards, Book Reviews

November 2013

Issue featuresPennant_nov2013_COVER

  • The Sociey: Editorial; Justice for Widows Campaign – update; Society Snapshot, AGM
  • Financial: Understanding the new online pension calculator readout; The April 2014 budget; Medically discharged? Forestry Investment – Benefits & Risks
  • Articles: The Pennant Interview with the leader of UKIP; Oh! What a Black Adder War; Populus; The Eternal Villain; Women helicopter pilots are safer than men; Shoulder to Shoulder; A Russian way with victory; State schools and service families; British Forces Germany – still open for business; I Appeal to you – school choices; The Military Knights of Windsor; Exploring the delights of Vauxhall; Where’s my mug? An amusing tale; The Brooke; S’lone Ranger; The new employment model; Lt Edward Isaacs RNVR; From the horse’s mouth – the Mounted Police City of London; The evolution of military law; The slow boat to China; The Imperial War Museum London
  • Miscellaneous: Members Announcements; Member Services; Lifestyle Advertising; FPS Shop and Christmas Cards; Book Reviews

May 2013

Issue features:may-13

  • The Society: Editorial; AGM; Convention; Society Snapshot; Shop; Christmas Cards; Book Reviews
  • Financial: AFRPRB’s Valuation of Armed Forces Pensions; Annual and Lifetime Allowance Changes; Paying for Financial Advice?; Equity Release – is it right for me?; The Proposed New State Pension Scheme
  • Articles: Interview with the Minister of State for Defence; The Rural Agenda; Your Career at a Crossroads; Crossrail; Pub is the Hub; The Armed Forces Charity Sector; Bed & Breakfast; What do we owe generations to come?; The Work of Prisoners Education Trust; From Crimea to Chelsea; 60 degrees and below; Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service; Advocacy, what and why? Transitioning for the Services; Walking with the Wounded; The Blast Project; Service Complaints; The Games Maker and a Torchbearer; Building the Olympics – London 2012
  • Miscellaneous: The FPS Charitable Fund Prize Draw

November 2012

Issue features:nov-12

  • The Society: Editorial, A sparkling year; Gift of Membership; Christmas Cards; E-newsletter highlights; Chairman’s Away Day
  • Financial: Investment Managers; AFPS15; New Fps Travel and Dental Plans; Inflation (CPI); Officers’ Retired Pay codes (AFPS75); RT Williams Motor Insurance
  • Articles: Interview with Minister of State for Armed Forces; The Emerald Isle and us; Reflections on our common links; The Pageant; The Monarchy, the Military & Ministry; Aye Aye Sir; The RN contribution in Afghanistan; Britain’s Lost Highways; Palestine; Op Olypics; Greek Austerity; A long running saga; the UK Maritime Operations Team; Life in Portugal; Social Mobility; The Scottish War Memorial; Soldiers’ Flowers; Battersea Dogs and Cats
  • Miscellaneous: A message from the chairman of the Charitable Fund; Politics First

May 2012

Issue features:may-12

  • Our Diamond Jubilee Issue! Front and back covers of this Pennant are testament to the full span of the Queen’s reign and more, and as there is so much going on this year we have yet another eclectic mix of articles and interviews.
  • The Society: We welcome new Vice Presidents and Council Members
  • Financial: The Money Advice Service; A day in the life of a Fund Manager; Divorce and the Armed Forces pension; New Armed Forces Pension – Who cares …?; Preserved Pensions; Preserved Pensions – A Caseworker’s Check List
  • Articles: The Elizabethan Era; The Art of Defence; The Queen – A View From Abroad; Our Vauxhall Neighbours – Royal Mail South London; The Pennant Interview: Give Way Together; World War Two Experience Centre; The Falklands 30 Years On; Lincoln Junction; Corrective Training, Detention and Custody ; A brief look at the role of the Military Provost Staff; Imperial War Museum North; The Olympic Track; Private Medical Insurance; Just the Job ; Choosing Cruising; War Pensions and Armed Forces Appeals; Fine Cell Work
  • Special Features: Ann, our benefactor – a fond memory; Commemorative Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Book

November 2011

Issue features:nov-11

  • The Society: Letter to members from the new Chairman; Our expanding range of Member services; Message from the Chairman FPSCF
  • Financial: Lasting Power of Attorney; Dynamising; Car Insurance explained
  • Interviews: Commander EU forces in Bosnia; Chairman of HSBC
  • Operational: NATO from the inside; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Army Recovery Capability; Landing in thick fog!
  • Heritage & History: What did you do in the war Daddy?; War memorials (2 articles); The military ordinate; The Green Line in Cyprus; A tale from Darfur; Bosnia now – our Ambassador
  • General: The Military Covenant; Executive search; Church pennant; Tornado (the steam engine!); Prison visiting; The Royal Patriotic Fund; Sir Henry Cooper OBE; Hydro – make your own electricity;!

May 2011

Issue features:may-11

  • Interview : British astronaut in waiting
  • Operational : Military working dogs, Queen Elizabeth class
  • Heritage & History : Honours, British Military Tattoo, Royal Armouries, Gibraltar, Vulcan XH558
  • Finance : Other Ranks Pay Codes, RAF Association, AFPRB, Gilts
  • The Society : FPS Snapshot, our new Chairman, FPSCF brief
  • General : New Covent Garden, the magician, butlers of Baghdad

November 2010

Issue features:nov-10

  • Main Features: Interview 1 – CEO of the Taxpayers Alliance, Imprisonment, Combat Stress, Adoption
  • New Political Landscape: Interview 2 – The Political Landscape, RPI to CPI explained, Armed Forces and NHS, Academies, Government Actuary
  • Operational: Training the Iraqi Navy, Stabilisation, Hasler Company
  • Heritage and History: Bletchley Park, Trieste, Burma Pilgrimage, Colonial Service
  • Your Finances: Other Ranks Pay Codes, Wealth Management, AFPRB, Gilts
  • The Society: 5 Things your MP should know, Our Healthcare Scheme explained, Cosmos Holiday

May 2010

Issue features:may-10

  • Main Features: Sea blindness, Service Complaints Commissioner interview, Relief in Haiti, The Rocking Horse Men, London Gangs
  • The New Europe: Religious revival in Russia, Hungary 1989, Reunification of Germany 1990
  • Heritage and History: Tian Shan, The Dodo, Royal Gunpowder Mills
  • Operational: Delivering support in Afghanistan
  • Your Finances: National Insurance credits for spouses, Pay Codes, Holiday insurance

November 2009

Issue features:nov-09

  • Features: Homelessness, Woodland Trust, Vauxhall City Farm, Queen’s Swan Marker
  • World of Work: Transition, Second Career in NATO, Executive Search, Pro Bono, Coaching
  • Heritage & History: Reminiscences, Arundel Castle, Berlin Wall, Remembrance
  • Operational: RN EOD
  • Your Finances: Annuities Part 2, Probate, Pay Codes

May 2009

Issue features:may-09

  • Main Features: Citizenship, Matchmaking, Today – Every Day, Forces Digital Radio
  • Young People: Crimestoppers
  • Heritage and History: Lord Mayor’s Pageant Master, Commemorating and Remembrance, HMS Warrior, Military Music
  • Operational: Destroying Chemical Weapons, The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
  • Your Finances: Purchasing Annuities
  • Overseas: A View From Australia and A View From New Zealand