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No. 6 Pension Enquiry TOP10

For Pensions Awareness Week – an example of the pension questions we receive, helping you better understand your pension. Here’s one on mobilisation.


I am a retired and drawing my pension. In addition I do 120 days on and Additional Duties Contract and a further 60 RSDs for the RNR. I have recently been mobilised for the period from 30 Jun to 14 Oct . In short how will this impact on my pension?


Mobilisation will not affect your AFPS 75 pension –  If an individual is in receipt of AFPS 75, AFPS 05 or RFPS 05 pension, then the pension will not be abated during the period of mobilised service.

Mobilised service will add to your AFPS 15 accruals which will pay at age 60 if you retire at that age or at state pension age if you retire before your 60th birthday.

Colin Thomas, Pension Adviser

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