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Who we are

Our history

Our History

Championing pension rights for Armed Forces veterans since 1946

The Society was formed in 1946 in the aftermath of the Second World War to campaign for better pension provision for Armed Forces veterans and their families.

It was pivotal in ensuring the Armed Forces were treated fairly alongside other public services pension schemes, with the unique nature of military service being understood, recognised and compensated for. This campaigning ethos remained central to the Society’s purpose and objectives over the decades that followed with some notable successes. These include, more recently, the outcome of the ‘Justice for Widows’ campaign in 2014.

The Society remains a positive influence, championing the cause of serving Armed Forces personnel and veterans, their families and the broader military community.

In many respects it’s the unofficial union for the Armed Forces. Through its publications, particularly the bi-annual magazine Pennant, the Society keeps its members up to date and well informed on a whole host of current affairs, pension news and other areas our members are interested in. While we maintain a campaigning ethos and are permanently on the lookout for any unfairness or mal-administration in the provision of Armed Forces pensions, the majority of our time is spent advising Members on the technical aspects of their Armed Forces pension.

What our members say


“Many thanks for the email and the extremely comprehensive response. It has been invaluable.”


“Thank you”

“Thank you for your time and advice, would you also pass on my thanks to those who come out and give briefings at unit level as it was them who planted the seeds.”

Roadshow attendee

“All very clear”

“Thank you for this information. It has made it all very clear; unlike anything the MOD has to offer!”


“Superb service”

“Thanks for being so helpful and providing a superb service – I will continue to sing the praises of the Forces Pension Society.”



“I learnt a great deal and I am very grateful that you have been able to go over and double-check the figures for me. I feel most reassured.”


“Very comprehensive answers”

“I have been spreading the word about the great work you and the Team do and hope you have a few new members as a result.”

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