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We help to bring about
positive change


Campaigning is at the very
heart of The Society’s ethos,
history and reputation.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the way the pension system is operated – and we’re best placed to put necessary pressure on ‘the system’ to bring about positive change.

We discover issues by dealing with members and their concerns. Through this, we can make changes which are beneficial to the wider Armed Forces community.

Arguably The Society’s single biggest campaigning success was the 2014 ‘Justice for Widows’ campaign. Before the campaign, widows had to give up their pension if they remarried. Effective from April 2015, after our successful campaign, they can keep their pension after remarriage.

Other lower-profile but extremely important successes include:

  • Withdrawal, recalculating and re-issue of incorrect Annual Allowance tax position letters to members
  • Discovering pensions paid from 1 April 2016 under the 1975 scheme were too low – around 700 people benefited from pension recalculation and arrears were paid in full
  • Reinstating the Short-Term Family Pension (stopped in 2015) which had been paid under the 1975 scheme to widows for the first three or six months after their bereavement


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What our members say


“Many thanks for the email and the extremely comprehensive response. It has been invaluable.”


“Thank you”

“Thank you for your time and advice, would you also pass on my thanks to those who come out and give briefings at unit level as it was them who planted the seeds.”

Roadshow attendee

“All very clear”

“Thank you for this information. It has made it all very clear; unlike anything the MOD has to offer!”


“Superb service”

“Thanks for being so helpful and providing a superb service – I will continue to sing the praises of the Forces Pension Society.”



“I learnt a great deal and I am very grateful that you have been able to go over and double-check the figures for me. I feel most reassured.”


“Very comprehensive answers”

“I have been spreading the word about the great work you and the Team do and hope you have a few new members as a result.”

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