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Can you help identify a Veteran with an unclaimed pension?

Our Chief Executive Explains


As part of our campaign to encourage Veterans with unclaimed pension benefits to come forward with their claims, the Forces Pension Society encourages you to help identify anyone you think might qualify. We know there are thousands of Veterans who have not yet made their claims.


Our recent Freedom of Information request showed that during the 24-month period alone, between 1st June 2020 – 31st May 2022, over 4,000 Armed Forces pensions went unclaimed.


The AFPS Annual Report (July 2023) identified over 17,100 unclaimed benefits, with some Veterans having more than one entitlement. 


Chief Executive, Major General Neil Marshall OBE, has this message:


“We can all play our part in encouraging Veterans we know, to come forward if they have not claimed their preserved pensions or preserved lump sums. These can be significant amounts of money. For example, a preserved pension of £1,500 for someone who left in April 1985, would now have a value of £4,500 pa.


Anyone serving after April 1975, now aged 60 or over, could have an unclaimed pension. AFPS pensions earned before April 2005 are payable at age 60 but will not be paid automatically – they have to be applied for. We urge you to encourage anyone who might be eligible, to visit the Veterans’ Gateway website without delay. Of course the Government  also has a role to play in signposting the issue to the Veterans’ community, and we continue to encourage them to do just that.”


To help spread the word, we have produced this simple ‘at a glance’ poster. The poster highlights eligibility and how to claim. Please help by sharing it across your networks or with those you know have a connection to the Armed Forces.

You can download a PDF version of the poster here: Veterans Unclaimed Armed Forces Pensions

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