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Forces Pension Society
Charitable Fund (FPSCF)

Forces Pension Society Charitable Fund

If you would like to make a donation or leave a bequest to support our work, please make it to our charitable fund (FPSCF) rather than the main society; please follow the links below.

The FPSCF is a charity who’s main objectives are:

1. The relief of widows, widowers, surviving qualifying cohabitants, surviving civil partners and surviving dependant relatives of members of the Forces Pension Society or of persons who served in the Armed Forces of the Crown (whether or not they were members of the Forces Pension Society) who are in need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness, disability or the effects of old age;

2. Such other charitable purposes as the trustees may from time to time decide. Primarily supporting the charitable work undertaken by the Forces Pension Society including Veterans’ Gateway, educational and outreach programmes.

To make a donation by cheque, please click here and download a donation form which also contains details of the Gift Aid tax benefit.

If you prefer to make a donation online to the Charity by credit or debit card, click here to go to our secure page which also includes information about Gift Aid.

If you wish to arrange a bequest, you should be aware that as a result of recent changes, as from 5th April 2012, if you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity, the rest of your estate will benefit from a 10% reduction in Inheritance Tax that would otherwise be payable.

We suggest you consult your legal advisor regarding IHT benefits or contact Steele Rose & Co, and tell them that you are a Member of the Forces Pension Society.

Whatever form of donation or bequest you decide to make, we are extremely grateful for your help.

The FPSCF is a charity registered with the Charity Commission, charity number 264524

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