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Resettlement: Tips from the Team

Today Andy Straw, our Head of Membership shares his Resettlement tips and experience…

Deciding when to leave the Services is a personal choice.  Mine came about after 34 years in the RN.  After 3 years accompanied, my final posting, whilst professionally interesting, would be another 3 years’ separation with no guarantee of further promotion at the end of it, so it was time to leave.  Decision made, the local resettlement office becomes absolutely key.  They are a mine of useful and important information regarding the process, finances, courses and training available.

During resettlement you can do just about anything – you just need a plan. The initial CTW and FAR briefings are critical.  I have a property in Mallorca where I hope to spend my summers (too cold and rainy in winter!), so I took a month- long secondment with a builder working on a multi-million pound property in Lyme Regis.  I also spent a week at University undertaking a professional proof-reading course as it’s something I could do in retirement and from anywhere.  I have already used this skill for the Forces Pension Society, proof-reading our magazine, Pennant.

Finally, the need to understand what full retirement is going to look like financially is also key.  This includes the state pension.  You need to be aware at what age you are going to receive it and how much it is: make sure you have contributed enough NI to achieve the maximum, as some of your service time may not count fully.

Andy Straw, Head of Membership
Our Head of Membership gives his thoughts on resettlement.

Tomorrow you can hear from Paddy Butler, Deputy Head of Membership

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