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Resettlement: How to take control

Our CEO invites a number of the team to contribute their own Resettlement experiences and pass on their tips.

“The Forces Pension Society has a real focus on supporting those in the Armed Forces as they approach critical points in their career.

And few challenges are more critical than those presented by transition to civilian life. It can be seen as daunting or it can be viewed as a real opportunity to start afresh and relish new experiences. Much depends on a positive mindset.

One thing is pretty certain though.  Your Armed Forces Pension is likely to be the foundation for your future financial well-being. Understanding your pension entitlement will help you set your objectives and plan effectively for your and your family’s security.

That’s why we advocate joining the Forces Pension Society as soon as you decide to enter Resettlement.  There are so many choices to be made, ranging from finding out the best time to leave, through to calculating the pros and cons of commutation or inverse commutation. It’s why our Pension Advisory Team deals with c15,000 enquiries from our Members every year. It’s also why we are so committed to helping you navigate this complex process.

I’ve asked five of my colleagues at the Society to write briefly about their own experiences of Resettlement and pass on the key lessons they learned from it.”

Neil Marshall, CEO

Later today you can hear from Andy Straw – Head of Membership

Article written for the Autumn issue of Easy Resettlement – ER magazine

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