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Resettlement: Tips from the Team

Today David Roberts, Head of Pensions shares his Resettlement tips and experience…

I decided to leave the Army about six months before I ‘did the deed’ on JPA.  It was a decision that had been germinating for a while based on my perception (rightly or wrongly) that leaving as a 48-year old former OF5, might make it a little easier to find suitable employment than as a 50+ year old former OF5.  Beside which, after a fulfilling 29 years in the Army I felt that I was ready for a change.  I had a basic knowledge of my resettlement entitlements before I left and had a good idea of my pension benefits from the MOD online calculator and Forces Pension Society.

My resettlement activities started in earnest seven months before my final day in the Army and were focussed in three areas; work experience with a security and construction logistics company; attendance at the Senior Officer Career Transition Workshop (which was excellent – I wish I’d completed it earlier); and the majority of time spent growing my civilian network, mostly via existing connections who had already left the Services.  I never found networking in the Army natural or necessary, but I quickly learned it is essential in the civilian/commercial world.  Indeed, it led directly to my first role as the Director Operations for a major private security company. 

My top tip: once you’ve taken the decision to leave don’t look back or have regrets; look forward, be positive and relish the fresh opportunities.”

David Roberts, Head of Pensions

Tomorrow you can hear from Charlotte Cooper, Pensions Adviser

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