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Resettlement: Tips from the Team

Today Matthew Lowe, our Chief of Staff shares his Resettlement tips and experience…

There are 3 things to think about: finance, family, and fulfillment.

Find out what your pension is worth by writing to Veterans UK and joining the Forces Pension Society.   I used the Armed Forces Calculator annually.  An opportunity for redundancy came up at OF6/ 50, so I did the Manchester Business School course with one of my ELCs.  I didn’t get selected so served on until 56.

In my last year one child was in full time employment, one was in the last year at University, and my wife had a job close to our own home: so where to settle was easy. 

My second go at resettlement was better structured.  I was notified by JPA of my entitlement, had an IERO interview, did the senior officer transition workshop, the financial aspects of resettlement briefing, and the IoD Certificate in Company Direction, which was brilliant. I reached out to a number of people who had left and they all helped with advice.

Initially I set up my own consultancy, which was tax efficient, but consultancy can be a transactional existence.  I missed the focus of doing something I believed in and sharing that experience with others.  So when the opportunity to join the Forces Pension Society arose I researched it thoroughly and worked my connections effectively. 

If I had to condense that?  Start early, do the maths, listen to friends, and figure out the balance between finance, family, and fulfillment.

Matthew Lowe, Chief of Staff

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