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Our Most Read Article of 2020 – Unclaimed Pensions!

To assist you through the complexities of the Armed Forces Pension schemes we regularly write articles for Service Magazines and organisations.

Our most read articles of 2020 were published during Pensions Awareness week, in September this year, when we talked about Preserved/Deferred Pensions and the circa 8,000 Armed Forces pensions which still remain unclaimed.

You can read the articles at the links below:

Preserved/Deferred Pensions – a regular income for life

Did you know there are more than 8,000 unclaimed Armed Forces pensions?

This article really highlights the work we do with Veterans’ Gateway in helping Veterans claim their ‘forgotten’, ‘lost’ or ‘unknown’ Armed Forces Pension.

Here’s a success story that came in just last week.

‘Jim’ left the Royal Navy in 1988 after 9 years reckonable service and did not think about any possible pension for that service until he saw one of our news items and approached the Veterans’ Gateway.  He is now in receipt of an annual pension of just over £3,500 per annum and a tax free lump sum of just over £10,500.

Great news for Jim! So, after you’ve read this, spread the word, you might just make someone else’s New Year!

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