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Added Pension Q&A – Day 7

It is never too early to save extra for retirement, and AFPS15 makes it easy for you to improve your pension by purchasing Added Pension. So each day this week we give you answers to some common questions about the Added Pension provision under AFPS15.

Today today we end our Q&A with…

Q. What if the member is due to leave the Royal Air Force next year, for example.  Will that prevent the purchase of Added Pension?

A. No – as the contract runs for only one year at a time, and as the purchase may be made by instalment or lump sum, the Added Pensions arrangements still work. 

And finally, and importantly…

Q. How do I apply?

A. Submit an AFPS Form 6 to Defence Business Services (Glasgow) to obtain a quote.  Getting a quote does not commit you to entering into an Added Pension contract – it is only if you like what you see and apply on an AFPS Form 6A that you enter into the contract.  These forms are available on JPA or you can find them here at this link

We hope you have found this series of Q&A helpful in your decision making, and you can click here for the whole Added Pension Q&A series

Author Mary Petley, Forces Pension Society, originally written for the Spring Issue of Envoy Magazine

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