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FPS President Air Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier reflects on ‘Leadership Across Sectors’

Sir Stephen Hillier joins the Officers’ Association Leaders Club online event on Wednesday 28 April at 18:00 and will reflect on ‘Leadership Across Sectors’ and share his experiences, thoughts and views.

Career transition is always challenging – whatever role you have previously enjoyed. None of us would expect or want to work for the same employer from ‘cradle to grave’ so most of us will have had a number of jobs in our careers. Consider, then, our Armed Forces and how people look to transfer their skills into other sectors and towards new responsibilities after leaving.

Sir Stephen Hillier became Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority on 1 August 2020. He previously had a long career in the Royal Air Force, eventually becoming Chief of the Air Staff, the head of the Service. He has extensive military flying experience as a pilot and instructor on a wide range of aircraft types, although his flying career started at age 17 when the CAA issued him his Private Pilot’s Licence.

He has wide experience of leading large, complex and high-profile portfolios and programmes, and of change and risk management within regulated environments. He is also Chair of a property investment company and is involved in a range of charities, supporting Service veterans, encouraging aspiration in young people and promoting social mobility.

Sir Stephen will reflect on ‘Leadership Across Sectors’ and share his experiences, thoughts and views.

This virtual event is free of charge to OA Registrants and The Leaders Club (TLC) Members. Registrations close Monday 26th April and places are limited


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