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Why Pension Awareness Week Matters to You!

Pension Awareness Week (13th-17th September) has a particular relevance to the Armed Forces this year. There are significant changes on the way, which will affect those serving as well as many veterans. These changes are linked to the so-called McCloud Remedy and will begin to come into effect in 2022.

Planning ahead, ensuring you make the best pension choices is more important than ever. Never was our theme “it pays to understand your pension” more relevant to you and your future well-being. AFP Schemes are complex and the changes coming down the line will add further layers of detail, essential to understand.

That’s why we at the Forces Pension Society are treating Pension Awareness Week (and Pension Awareness Day on 15th September) as such an important opportunity to brief you on what’s ahead – and to explain how we can empower you to make better informed decisions. Our campaign this year includes Roadshow Presentations, Webinars and Broadcasts on BFBS.

We urge you to take this opportunity to attend or listen to at least one of these initiatives, the details of which you will find at the link below: – just look for ‘Pension Awareness Week’

At the Forces Pension Society, our Forces Pensions Consultants answer more than 15,000 enquiries from our Members each year. They provide guidance across wide-ranging issues from questions about divorce and pension sharing orders to medical discharge; from commutation to determining the best time to leave and from pension top-ups to taxation.

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