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Until next year!

As this year’s Pension Awareness Week draws to a close we would like to thank everyone who joined in and followed our campaign.

Armed Forces Pensions are complex and the decisions you take can make a real difference to what you receive further down the line, and the changes coming soon will add further layers of detail, which are essential to understand.

So this week has been the perfect opportunity for us to brief you on what’s ahead and to explain how we can empower you to make better informed decisions.

We hope that the message is clear that planning ahead, so that you make the best pension choices is more important than ever, and is crucial to your future well-being.

Throughout the week, we have been greatly encouraged to see more and more of you taking real interest and real ownership of your Armed Forces Pension.

A special thanks go out to The Ministry of Defence , HMNB & NCHQ Portsmouth, Army Pay and Pensions Policy, The Officers’ Association, BFBS Radio, and of course to Pension Geeks who are the brains behind the National Pension Awareness Campaign since 2014.

Get next year’s campaign in your diary 12-16 September 2022!

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