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Transitional Protection Letters

Letters were issued on 31 January 2022 to Transitional Protection members, informing them of their move to AFPS 15 from 1 April 2022.

The notice from MOD states:

Transitional Protection applies to Service Personnel who were within 10 years of their legacy schemes’ Normal Pension Age and were protected from moving to AFPS 15 when it was introduced in 2015. The move to AFPS 15 is a legal requirement and will be automatic for Transitional Protection members; there is no requirement for action on their part.

From 1 April 2022, all members who continue to serve in the Armed Forces, will accrue pensionable benefits in AFPS 15.

McCloud Background:

When reformed public service pension schemes were introduced in 2015, which included the AFPS 15, Transitional Protection was provided to members of legacy schemes who were within 10 years of their scheme’s Normal Pension Age. Transitional Protection meant that these members did not have to move into the new reformed scheme and could continue building benefits in their legacy schemes.

Transitional Protection was successfully challenged in the Court of Appeal by members of the Judiciary and the Fire-fighters union on the basis of age-related discrimination. The Government accepted the court’s ruling and is applying an agreed remedy to all affected public service pension schemes, including the Armed Forces Pension Schemes, to remove the previous discrimination. This remedy includes closing legacy pension schemes to further accrual from 1 April 2022, meaning that all Armed Forces personnel who continue to serve after that date will do so as members of AFPS 15.

Find out more information:

Members will be contacted by the scheme administrator via letters to their RWA address. If you do not receive a letter and you believe you should have, please contact your service HR to find out more information.

There is also a dedicated web page for Armed Forces pension schemes. There you will find details on McCloud, pension remedy and the pension scheme explained booklets.

Further communications will be issued by MOD and regular updates will be posted on the dedicated McCloud Defence Connect page.”

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