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Question of the Week

Timing of retirement is always a popular topic and this particular question came up recently…

I have just been promoted to WO2. I am on AFPS15 with legacy rights from AFPS75. My RAO tells me that I need to serve for 2 more years to get the full effect of my promotion reflected in my AFPS75 benefits. However, the online calculator seems to give me full WO2 benefits if I leave as soon as 6 months after my promotion. Who is right please?”

Your RAO is correct. Unfortunately the online calculator, whilst excellent in most respects, does assume that if you input a rank of WO2 you will have completed 2 years in rank, and automatically qualify for AFPS75 benefits based upon that rank. You have to serve for a minimum of 2 years in your final 5 years of service in the paid higher rank to get full AFPS 75 benefits based upon WO2 rates. If you serve more than 1 year but less than 2 you will qualify for a proportional uplift in your pension to reflect the time spent in the higher rank. However, if you complete less than 1 year you will gain no benefit from the higher rank.

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