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Roadshow Update

FPS Roadshow Manager Rob Morris updates us on this week’s programme and offers his look forward to next week.

This Week: 13-17 June

This week, we reached a total of 309 personnel with:

  • 8 in-person briefs to Army Units and HQ this week encompassing RMP CPU (AFPS 75/05/15), Fulwood Barracks in Preston (2x AFPS 75/05/15) and Army HQ.

Next Week: 20-25 June

Briefs are scheduled for all three services as follows:

  • Monday – MCM Crew (RN) in Portsmouth (AFPS 05/15)
  • Tuesday – MAB 7 in St Athan (AFPS 75/05/15) and 207 Fd Hosp via webinar in the evening (Reserves 15)
  • Wednesday – RAF Brize Norton (AFPS 75/05/15)
  • Thursday – ARRC (AFPS 05/15 & 75/15)

To see the full programme click here

It pays to understand your pension!

Rob Morris, Roadshow Manager

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