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Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015: Remedy explained videos

The MOD AFPS Policy and Communications team have been working to develop a suite of educational videos to add to those already hosted on the Ministry of Defence YouTube account.

There are now four videos available that cover various elements of the AFPS15 Scheme and the 2015 Pension Remedy following the McCloud Judgment. The videos provide bitesize education, in addition to signposting areas where more detailed, up to date information can be accessed.

MOD hope that the videos will be useful in helping members understand the various complexities of their Armed Forces Pension. ​​​​

Infographics to illustrate example scenarios for the 2015 Pension Remedy will be provided by MOD in due course. The illustrations will aim to provide further understanding of how the legacy and AFPS15 benefits will be calculated for straightforward cases.  

The explainer videos cover the following:

Armed Forces Pension Scheme: Introduction to the 2015 Remedy

Armed Forces Pension Scheme: Prospective and Retrospective Remedy

Armed Forces Pension Scheme: Deferred Choice Underpin

Armed Forces Pension Scheme: Moving to AFPS15

You can view the videos at this link

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