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FPS at the Defence Academy

Yesterday our Chief Executive had the opportunity to address the staff and participants of the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land) and the Advanced Command and Staff Course.  

There was a fantastic turnout with around 300 attendees across the two courses.

These are two very high profile courses with personnel in their final week of studies at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham, and we were delighted to have had the opportunity to speak to all those taking part.

The Defence Academy’s purpose is to “develop the intellectual edge needed for success on operations and leadership in government” and those attending the courses are at key stages in their careers and are heading into extremely important and influential command and staff appointments across defence and wider government. 

We believe it is vital that they understand the core purpose of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme – which is to sustain operationally effective Armed Forces – and alongside that important message we discussed the strategic issues of the day and the wider benefits and complexities of their pension including the latest development in the AFPS15 Remedy (McCloud) and pension taxation.

And finally, as the next generation of senior leaders, we emphasised how they can support those they lead to better understand their pension, to plan ahead and to make the right pension choices.

It pays to understand your pension

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