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Perceptions of UK Veterans

The OVA commissioned research to ‘improve understanding around perceptions of UK armed forces (UKAF) ex-service personnel.’

The Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) leads the UK Government’s effort in driving towards making the UK the best place in the world to be a veteran.

Previous research with the general public shows that, while top-of-mind associations with ex-service personnel are likely to be positive, many believe that service leaves people in a worse mental, physical or emotional position than when they started serving. To that end, the OVA commissioned research to improve understanding around perceptions of UK armed forces (UKAF) ex-service personnel across the general public and employers which will help to inform and shape communication and policy initiatives.

This research has explored a range of audiences’ perspectives around UK Armed Forces ex-service personnel, from the general public and employers, to journalists and ex-service personnel themselves. This provides a comprehensive view of ex-service personnel, both of their status within society and attitudes around their employability.


You can find the key findings and recommendations at this link.

Source: Office for Veterans’ Affairs

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