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AFPS Retrospective Remedy (McCloud) Public Consultation is now live

In January this year the Ministry of Defence announced that in order to implement the McCloud Retrospective remedy, they would undertake a public consultation which details the changes to be made to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme Regulations and the effect on members’ pensions.

This public consultation is now live and the document sets out the background to this second stage of the remedy and an explanation of legislative and policy changes required to implement it.

The MoD have said:

The retrospective remedy is complex and affects people in different ways, and input is welcomed from scheme members and pension stakeholders to ensure that the final regulations and policies are based on the broadest possible understanding of how this remedy will affect members of our pension schemes.

The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 29 May 2023. The Society will be responding as part of the consultation process, and would encourage our members who are in scope for the remedy to also engage with it.

You can find the public consultation at: Armed Forces Pension Scheme: Retrospective Remedy

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