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Question of the Week!

We deal with many questions from our Members about the AFPS15 Remedy (McCloud), and no doubt there will be plenty more to come as the remedy is rolled out, but you’d be surprised at how many people are still unsure about who the remedy affects.

The following is a question we get asked over and over…


Why are members who joined after 31 March 2012 not in scope for the McCloud remedy?


The Court of Appeal’s ruling identified unlawful discrimination between older and younger members in service on 31 March 2012. It is therefore these groups that the government are now equalising treatment between. You can find further information in the HM Treasury’s leaflet here.

We have plenty of FAQ’s exclusive to FPS Members in the Members Area of our website here and for those who wish to read the current status of the McCloud Remedy our most up to date sitrep is here.

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