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Question of the Week

Our Q&A this week relates to Timing of Retirement, and a question often posed to the team is…


I am a Late Entry officer, having commissioned from WO1 a year ago.  I am currently on AFPS 15 with protected rights from AFPS 75.  What’s the earliest I can leave with an officer’s pension from AFPS 75?


To leave with an officer’s pension under AFPS 75 you need to complete a minimum of 5 years commissioned service.  If you complete between 2 and 5 years commissioned service you will qualify for a WO1 pension and with less than two years commissioned service you will receive the AFPS 75 pension at the rank you commissioned from.  These rules only apply to the ’75 scheme pension.

Next week, we have something on medical discharge for you, meanwhile you can read more in this series here.

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