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AFPS15 Remedy (McCloud) – our response to the Retrospective Public Consultation

The public consultation for the AFPS 15 retrospective remedy which started on 6 March is now closed.  

As you would expect, the Society worked through the document in detail, and when considering our response, we applied the following four guiding principles:

1. The intention is to put a member in the same position they would have been in had the age discrimination not occurred.

2. No one will be worse off and that those with accrued benefits will keep them.

3. Those affected will have the opportunity to make timely and well-informed decisions.

4. Our role is to represent the best interests of ‘in-scope’ FPS members and those affected in the wider Armed Forces community.

There remain some areas where we disagree with the MoD’s implementation plan and have used this opportunity to highlight those to the Department. The MoD are now considering our response and we will keep you posted on developments.

You can read our full response to the MoD here.

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