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Veterans ID Card

The Ministry of Defence and the Office for Veterans’ Affairs are jointly delivering this service as part of ongoing improvements in veterans support. They have said:

‘Continued progress has been made towards the new digital verification service to apply for a HM Armed Forces Veteran Card

The OVA led the initial Discovery and Alpha phases, establishing how the Veteran Card can be delivered in the most simple and effective way. The MOD has now taken on its development and will deliver the service. It is a significant technical project and has required highly skilled support from Defence Digital and Government Digital Service (GDS) experts.

The new verification service to support applications will include:

  • online applications via GOV.UK
  • identity checks using GOV.UK’s new One Login service
  • automated service checking to confirm veteran status for most applications using MOD service records databases
  • increasing MOD’s secure card printing capacity to deal with the expected applications using a new high-capacity card printing machine

The HM Armed Forces Veteran Card will allow veterans to quickly and easily prove their veteran status where required, thereby granting them simpler access to key support from government, charities, local authorities, and other organisations.

Roll-out will be in phases according to service years to manage the volume of requests and prevent any potential delays resulting from demand exceeding capacity.

With around 1.8 million veterans in the UK, we are focused on building the technology and processes to deal with large volumes of card applications accurately and securely.

Testing started this summer, and we expect cards to become available to veterans later this year. A paper-based application process will also be made available for veterans who are unable to use the online service.

Since December 2018, all Service leavers automatically receive a Veteran Card from the MOD as part of their discharge process and so do not need to apply. The new verification service will address how to replace a lost Veteran Card.

The page at this link will be updated with details of the application process later in the year.

Source: GOV.UK – All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated © Crown copyright

21 July 2023

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