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Enhanced Armed Forces Pension Calculator – User Guide

The updated AFPS calculator user guide is currently only available on MODNet, however the MoD have kindly shared it with us.

Please note the following message from the MOD:

The Armed Forces Pension Calculator (AFPC) is being updated with regular feature improvements. This includes the addition of calculating benefits where individual circumstances differ from ‘the norm’ eg Pension Sharing Order on Divorce, Added Pensions and Additional Voluntary Contributions, Rejoiners and Specialist Trades. As such the calculator is much more complicated than previous issues and requires much more information from the user and indeed some further refinement from the developers.

At this time we have some user exemptions, they are:

  • RFPS Medical & Dental Officer (MODOs) members
  • RFPS Professional Aviator members
  • RFPS Officer Commissioned from the Ranks (OCFR)
  • Members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment
  • AFPS 75 Special Forces Commissioned from the ranks with 5 years or more commissioned service who leaves at the end of their engagement
  • AFPS 75/05 Members with Pension Sharing Orders (PSO) where the impact falls within the 2015 Pension Remedy Period. Only upon receipt of your RSS will you as a cohort be able to receive an accurate calculation
  • Members of AFPS 75 who have a break in service prior to 6 Apr 06 and are entitled to a preserved pension, your forecast will be inaccurate and you are advised to complete an E Form 12
  • Specialist Pay Spines where service to 55 – 60 entitles a further resettlement commutation – this is being investigated by the developers and anomalies should continue to be reported.

Should you encounter any issues when using the AFPC or when acquiring some of the detail required to complete your entry then please report this to your Pers Admin chain of command who are can advise you directly; or report the issue/default through the Functional Chain of Command.’

You can find the calculator here

You can find the Calculator Guide here*

*latest version updated with 4 August 2023

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