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2015 Remedy – Remediable Service Statements for Society Members

Last week we informed our Members that we were in the process of creating an RSS Explanation Web Form on our website in preparation for Society Members who may require guidance to help make informed decisions regarding remedy choices. This form is now live.


Eligible scheme members for the 2015 remedy (McCloud) will all receive a Remediable Service Statement (RSS) from Veterans UK by 1 April 2025. Each RSS will be tailored to individual circumstances and will outline the value of your legacy scheme and AFPS 15 benefits that were accrued during the remedy period (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2022).

The RSS that you receive will be either for information purposes only, or it will require you to make an election. We understand that all RSS’ will make it very clear if yours is an information only RSS or an election RSS.

If your RSS requires you to make an election, it is because you are an eligible member with a pension or EDP in payment, the representative of an eligible member who has died, or you are an eligible serving member with a planned exit date, in the near future, that will give rise to an immediate benefit (i.e. either pension and/or EDP).

Once you receive your election RSS, if you would like guidance to help you make an informed decision regarding your remedy choices, please send your RSS to us using the ‘RSS Explanation’ webform which you can access via ‘Submit a Question’ in the Members area of the Forces Pension Society website. Please ensure that you are logged into the Members area before you click on the link. Once you have accessed the webform please follow the instructions and provide the information requested. When we receive the webform we will provide an explanation of the RSS as quickly as we can to help you make an informed decision.

We continue to update our McCloud sitrep and responses to FAQs on the FPS website, which we hope provides a useful update on the current position.

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