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What Caught your Eye in 2023…? Here’s Our Top 12 Most Read!

It’s now 12 days until we take a break for Christmas, and so we recently went back through our 2023 communications to see what news items and articles got you talking this year!

Perhaps you caught them all, perhaps you didn’t, so here we share our 12 ‘Most Read‘ with you, because, as we always say…

It pays to understand your pension!

January: AFPS15 Remedy Sitrep – Read

February: How does my pension grow during my service? – Read

March: Question of the week series 4 – Read

April: Nothing is certain except death and taxes! – Read

May: Do you understand your lump sum choices? – Read

June: Unclaimed pensions – a call to action! – Read

July: Armed Forces pay award – Read

August: Changes to AFPS05 EDP Rules – Read

September: AFPS15 Remedy: MODs Retrospective Remedy Consultation Response – Read

October: CPI Increase 6.7% – Read

November: AFPS & death in service – Read

December: You guessed it! The AFPS15 Remedy Sitrep (again!)

And, there’s lots to look forward to in 2024!

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