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We’re back with our ‘Question of the Week’

For our penultimate Q&A in this series, the answer to our final question seems a bit unfair, but unfortunately these are the scheme rules…

I joined at 15 served 6 years between 1972 and 1979, and was informed by Veterans UK that I don’t qualify for a pension. Some veterans I know served for 9 years from age 15 and are in receipt of a pension – it doesn’t seem fair!

Unfortunately Veterans UK are correct Those who left service between 1 Apr 1978 and 6 Apr 1988 were required to have 5 years (or more) reckonable service to be entitled to a preserved pension. Reckonable service would have started for you at age 18 therefore we assume less than 5 years reckonable. The other veterans you talk about, assuming the same period of time, likely had 6 years reckonable service whch would give them an entitlement.

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