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Pensions Dashboards Update 2024

All pension schemes and in-scope providers are legally required to be connected to the pensions dashboards ecosystem and be ready to respond to requests for pensions information by 31 October 2026, at the latest.

On 25 March 2024, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) produced a timetable to facilitate the staged connection of different schemes to the pensions dashboard ecosystem.

The Armed Forces Pension Schemes, together with all other public sector schemes, have a target deadline date of 31 October 2025.

By staging the deadline dates, DWP hopes to avoid the rush of last-minute connections to meet the legally mandated 31 October 2026 deadline.

The timetable is not mandatory, rather it is being published to ease the connection journey.  DWP encourages scheme managers and trustees to follow the dates in their guidance unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent them from doing so.

With the 2015 Public Service Pension Scheme (aka McCloud) remedy still being delivered, FPS is in no doubt that the proposed deadlines will be challenging.

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