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Pension Form 1 and the AFPS 15 Remedy

For serving personnel, the Armed Forces Pension Schemes Application Form (AFPS Form 1) was updated in September last year to take into account the 2015 Remedy (McCloud).  It is available on JPA and on the website here.  

For serving members in scope for the remedy, in the first instance, we recommend that you wait to receive your Remediable Service Statement (RSS)  from Veterans UK, which will detail your election options, before completing the AFPS Form 1.  

However, if you are approaching your final day of service and have either not received your RSS or have received it and need time to consider your options, we recommend that you complete and submit the APFS Form 1 anyway, which you must do before your final day of service.  There is an option on the form to state that you have/have not yet received your RSS and need time to make your election choice (please note that you will not be able to make your election without having received the RSS). Thereafter, once you have received your RSS and are content with your options, you can submit a second AFPS Form 1 (either on JPA, if you still have access, or in hard copy to Veterans UK) to make your election. 

If you are unable to make an election prior to your final day in service, legacy scheme benefits will be paid for the remedy period pending your election. If you subsequently elect to receive AFPS 15 benefits for the remedy period, they will be applied retrospectively and, where necessary, the pension/Early Departure Payment will be subject to adjustment.

For Society members, we will be including an article on AFPS Form 1 in the next edition of Pennant magazine due out 1 May.

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