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The benefits of membership when you join the Forces Pension Society

When you join the Forces Pension Society you will have access to the expert help offered through our Pension Advisory Service. You will also receive our exclusive magazine, Pennant, copies of our e-newsletters, entry to our Members’ Area and access to a wide range of Member Offers in Healthcare, Travel, Legal & Financial, Motoring and Personal & Home. These are provided through our affiliations with trusted suppliers, some of whom we have worked with for very many years.

Pension Advisory Service

Free access to our Pension Advisory Service

Our pension experts are acknowledged as being among the most authoritative and experienced specialists on Armed Forces Pension Schemes. They are there to guide Members through the complexities of the four Schemes currently operating, dealing with all manner of enquiries including pensions on retirement, medical, divorce, widows’ entitlements, commutation, and annual/lifetime allowances, when to leave (and when not to). When you need to know what you and your family can expect from your Armed Forces Pension, whether you’re serving or retired, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the Society will be there to help you.

Members: Just email or call us on 020 7820 9988.

Free e-newsletters

Free e-newsletters

Every couple of months, our Assistant General Secretary, Hugo Fletcher, circulates newsletters to all Members by e-mail. Applauded for being hugely entertaining and informative, the e-newsletters cover a miscellany of subjects including pensions and financial issues, special offers from our affiliates and anything else that might be of interest or use to our membership. In the words of one reader of a recent issue, “I laughed so much I cried.”

Free copies of our bi-annual magazine Pennant

Free copies of our bi-annual magazine Pennant

Our Members constantly tell us how much they look forward to receiving their copies of our exclusive magazine published in May and November. Edited by our General Secretary, John Pitt-Brooke, it’s full of interesting articles – historical, financial, topical and just plain entertaining. It also keeps you in touch with the Society’s activities.

Pennant is available in either hard copy or digital formats.

Exclusive Member offers on a wide range of services and products

As a Member of the Forces Pension Society, you may access all of the services contained in this section. You will find that they are provided by reputable organisations and are usually available with specially-arranged discounts. Access codes to our Affiliates’ offers are found in the Members’ Area of the website.

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Membership of FPS is open to all members of the Armed Forces, serving or retired, and their spouses or partners, parents, children and stepchildren.

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Membership includes spouses/partners as joint members. See Membership Rules and Rates for full details.