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Campaigning – unpaid commissioned Warrant Officer supplement

July 17, 2017
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For eighteen months the Forces Pension Society has been identifying late entry (LE) personnel who left the Armed Forces with more than two but less than five years commissioned service who have not received their true pension entitlement because the Commissioned Warrant Officer supplement to their pension has not been paid.

This is a systemic error; we have identified some forty individuals in this category – and they keep on coming. In the last two weeks there have been two more confirmed cases, one has just received net back pay of a total of £6,303.82 the other £7,236.94. There are certainly more cases out there but to date the MOD has only been willing to address these on a case by case basis – when we find them and highlight them.

This is not an acceptable stance; they are denying people pay that they are legitimately owed and Veterans UK must now conduct a trawl to identify all such cases and rectify them.


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